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Thread: Chaco sandals

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    Quote Originally Posted by ghibli
    sehsuan, altho' what u said is no excuse, I might just get annoyed and shake my head if it was a part-timer or someone junior. I understand from others that the plump guy is the boss or one of the bosses leh.
    thankfully i dont go there too often. even if i go there, i'm thankful i'm not as outdoors as their wares are intended for!

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    as consumers, you have the choice. To buy or not to.

    I don't see the hoo ha about chacos, except if you want to jump from rock to rock on waterfalls and stuff... or you want to look good walking around a wet market and not trying to slip....

    The salomon sandals are decent as well... around 60 bucks...

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    I also find Campers Corner and X-Boundaries ex.
    Anyone had any experience with Emmanuel Travellers Shop at PP? Think they are not bad...same goods but cheaper?

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