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Thread: New to Canon DSLR

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    Hi like you I also bought the same setup during the IT Show last week. Great to know there's so many dSLR enthusiasts out here. Looking forward to learning from the seasoned shutterbugs. BTW, I'm keen to learn how to shoot images that seems to have a diffused aura yet the subject is sharply focused and the colours are absolutely rich. Is this done with a filter or with a photo editing software? Ok, I may not be very clear in my description. Think retro look almost LOMO. I see some of these shots posted on Flickr this is one example but I'm looking for something more for portraiture.

    Can anyone good soul advise how to achieve such a look and feel please. Thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    Master your current gear before investing in other lenses. If you do not know how your current gear is limiting you, you will not know what advantage other gear will give you.
    Thank you bro for the info..very much appreciated!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rashkae View Post
    I hope you didn't get conned into paying like 50-60 bucks for that Steinzeiser filter.
    for the filter, i got it for free there sumone out there tyrin to sell the filter for a that kind of price??

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    Welcome and enjoy shooting!
    Canon EOS 5D Mark II | 24-105 f/4 L | 70-200 f/4 IS L | 580EX II

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    Quote Originally Posted by mshaifi View Post
    Hi to everyone here in CS. Its good to be here in this forum. Can't wait to learn new things, techniques and all other things pertaining to the world of photography..

    I just bought a Canon EOS 50D with a EF-S 18-200mm IS lense setup. Accessories that comes with it:

    4. What other tips n tricks that i need to know for beginners?

    I'm into this world of DSLR cos of my interest to photography and maybe i can do freelance to earn some $$$..

    Thank you..

    Hmm... I'll suggest u'll should play with the menus of the 50D. Currently I've tested a few stuff on the 50D, just a tip for you to help you make the IQ with the 18-200 better =).

    EF-S 18-200 IS lens I felt mine was sharper when u use 50d micro adjustment in the menu, (by lens) set to +2.

    Landscape: set sharpness till 7, colour tone till max on the (+) side , u'll get the nikon image effect.(If you like nikon type of images)
    But for me I'll prefer neutral. colours seems nice.

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    Default Re: New to Canon DSLR

    Welcome to CS
    Take the shot!

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