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Thread: Macro Outing - Botanic Garden 21 Mar (Sun)

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    Default Macro Outing - Botanic Garden 21 Mar (Sun)

    Will be going to SBG to shoot macros this coming Sunday, welcome anyone who wants to join me. Spaces will be limited to 6 persons, as this is my first time organizing an outing.
    Details as below:

    Date: 21 Mar 2010 (Sunday)
    Meeting Place: Somerset MRT Ctrl Station
    Meeting Time: 6:50am (this is so that we can catch the nice morning ambient light and hopefully also shoot some dew covered subjects)
    Plan: We will take a bus down to SBG and start shooting by 7:30am. Shooting will last around 2-3 hours depending on weather. After that we can go for brunch or lunch and chit chat.

    1 sci80899

    I will close once we have 5 other confirmed ppl going, and PM you guys my HP number. Outing will only be cancelled if there's rain, else even if there's only 1 person, the show will go on. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Macro Outing - Botanic Garden 21 Mar (Sun)

    Looks like Sun is family day for most ppl.

    Closing thread for now, will be out the whole day tomorrow. Thanks for reading.


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