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Thread: Disabling on cam flash when using optical slave

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    Default Disabling on cam flash when using optical slave


    Kah Heng Tan writes "One other tip. When you do buy a digi-slave, two ways to minimise the effect of your on camera flash is to dial down the flash compensation on your camera, or you could cut off some unexposed end of a developed E-6 film and paste it over your camera's flash tube. Slaves can be triggered by the infrared light that still passes through the unexposed film."

    1. E-6??
    2. Is this procedure safe? Will it fry the on cam flash?
    3. Does this infrared thing work on the Kako 9000 series? (preflash/single-flash, comes with omnibounce, 2 shoes, a stand for fixing a cam+the slave, and a cable I think. 70++)

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    pai sei, can only ans 1 qn
    2)i believe u are asking abt whether is it safe to paste flim over ur cam flash tube. well, it is safe

    but do ensure u dun use glue


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