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Thread: Which notebook computer to buy!?

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    I used to run an ibook G3 500 with 256RAM for photoshop... needless to say, there was no competition from the PCs... especially when it comes to rendering and script batching works.

    Now I have a 15" Powerbook 1Ghz G4 with 768RAM... there is no competition.

    There are no problems with MS Office and docs... in fact! The first word programme and office was made for a?.... MAC! So there... enuf said.

    With OS X, it is more stable and robust...

    Cannot go wrong...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zplus
    Great contribution guys.... Never really thought of a Mac. They should be quite expensive right?? OK, the Centrino / Pentium M seems like a good choice. I know PS uses scratch disks.... but if I want mobility, a PC is out of the question.

    For Mac users, any concerns with compatibility with PC files like word documents? And also are 3rd party parts available and cheap??

    Thanks guys! Keep the suggestions coming.
    For microsoft programs, you need not worry abt compatibility, they work although its a cross platform.

    Really depends on what programs you are looking for. There has been a sharp increase of programs that run both on macs and PCs.

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