The Singapore International Film Festival runs from 15th April to 1st May, with the Fringe (At Goethe Institut) starting from 8th April.

Of interest to photographers would be the movie Robert Capa: In Love and War, screening on the 20th of April at the Singapore History Museum.

Makepeace’s biographical documentary focuses on the Hungarian-born Jewish war photographer Robert Capa (1913-1954) who went into the heart and innards of no less than five conflicts throughout his life, beginning early at the age of twenty-three with the Spanish Civil War in 1936, gaining a reputation that has made him the greatest war photographers of all time, long after his death. Capa died precisely where he best loved to be, at the heart of conflict, as a casualty of war. Makepeace combines stills with archival footage and interviews to pay tribute to the pacifist and great visual artist.

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