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I can confidently recommend you get hold of Photoshelter's guide to SEO for photographers. It's working for me! Although from the initial jump up to page 2 on the search terms I've optimised, subsequent improvements in ranking happen a bit slower. It IS working though. I was coming close last year to paying a fair bit of money to an SEO company as I didn't understand it all, and I couldn't be bothered to invest my time in becoming an expert. Although I can't really say I am an expert now, I've learnt a lot and I can see results from it, and continue to see improvements every week.

I do a few things each week to try and generate backlinks across the web - it's important to maintain effort on SEO IMO.

Yes, I've started to look at a few things, and I need to get my head around flickr and twitter and all that sort... it's a slowish process though, but hopefully I'll get somewhere... sooo many things to do... I was at Focus last week and need to plot sample albums, I'd like to sort my non-wedding website, I need to keep working at getting more clients, have several irons in the fire, have to plan SEO, and all that in between (what little) existing work I have.

Oh, and spending 36 hours a day on Clubsnap ^.^