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    Hello i am quite new to photography and i am wondering if anyone could sort of explain to me the different various lens that nikon has? like d lens non d af-s and stuff like that. I am very curious also about lens frm tokina and sigma and if like you have any recommmended lens for me. I am currently looking for a wide angle lens af best. Or any good affordable quality zoom lens for travelling ...price range from $200-$500.....hope fully to 200mm.

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    A quick and dirty summary of Nikkor terminology (you might want to check out too):

    D: distance chip incorporated into the lens for 3D matrix metering and flash.

    G: same as D but lens lack an aperture ring, making it having only limited functions with some of the older Nikon cameras

    DX: line of Nikkors specially designed for the digital format. May not be able to generate a full frame picture on film format.

    AF-S: incorporating Nikon's Silent Wave Motor, leading to extra fast focussing. Similiar to Sigma's HSM and Canon's USM.

    VR: Vibration Reduction technology. Allows 2-3 stop gain in shutter speed. Also equivalent to Canon's Image Stabiliser lenses.

    ED: Extra Low Dispersion glass for inceased colour contrast, reduced chromatic aberration.

    Note that 'do-it-all' zooms, such as 28-200mm (Sigma,Tamron and Nikon both have these) are usually lacking in optical quality...but you have to try them yourself to see if you can take the quality tradeoff. Also if you are using a Nikon DSLR, the 28mm isn't going to be very wide.

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    One multipurpose zoom that I have found to be quite up to par is the Tamron XR 28-200mm. This lens has a reputation of being even a better performer then Nikon's 28-200 or 24-120. Both Nikon lenses are infamouse for soft images.

    Another brilliant lens from Tamron is the 24-135 SP lens. Though it may not fit to comfortably into your budget.

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    Thank you all for your replies........i guess that sort of clear up more of my blurness thanks thanks


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