Clearing my room still......

1) Compro PS39 Plugsnap Webcam (Parallel port) with Driver CD

Working with doubt:
2) Cirrus Logic NIC (can be detected by system but never really check its functionality)
3) Alcatel ATM Ethernet Modem (Magix) with adaptor (not a Magix user here so not sure whether it functions, can power up)

Working with many problems:
4) Sony M-430 Microcassette-corder (working perfectly but recently battery compartment got corroded, yours if you know how to replace the contacts)
5) Grandcell charger with some expired batteries (two of the battery contacts corroded, stopped using since)

Not working:
6) About 4 CDROM drives, ranging from Wearnes, Sony, Panasonic, etc.

Condition Unknown:
7) A lot of ISA VGA cards and I/O cards

Terms and Conditions:
a) All items to be self-collected at either Blk 93 Bedok North Ave 4 or Blk 85 hawker centre.
b) Items #5, #6 and #7 have to be collected together. (Can be quite heavy because of the CDROM drives)
c) Please reply promptly once I PMed you or SMS you.