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    Exclamation having trouble..

    I have read through the DSLR guide, and the prosumer camera guide, and now i am kind of stuck at which one to choose. Both have their +ve and -ve points.

    I am thinking of going for ultra-zoom prosumer camera, but DSLR camera can probably beat the zoom. Recently, i have been experimenting with the ISO, and shutter speed. I am looking forward to adjustable manual controls Like the P,A,S,M on the camera that i may buy next.

    Any advice/suggestions?
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    What is your budget, and what will be your requirements from the camera. Please help us to understand what is your need?


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    Budget would be under 700 for the camera. i already have a memory card and card reader, and i don't need a tripod.

    I will be taking pictures of animals, and buildings,people from a distance. The zoom factor is critical for me. The manual controls would be needed as i am using a P&S camera now. Not much of adjusting P,S,A,M...Batteries wise, i am fine with either rechargable or Disposable.
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    Welcome to CS
    With that budget & the lens you wanted, are you considering new or used?
    Take the shot!

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    new actually.
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    If you want far reach (long tele) and you only have 700 to spend and you want new.

    You only have one option open to you - Prosumer super zoom.

    600 can get you a new entry level DSLR (Sony A230) but it only comes with a kit lens 18-55 only. If you want tele you would have to pay quite a bit more to get the reach you want. Especially if you want it in 1 package (a all-in-one super zoom, something like a 18-250), you have to pay a lot more.

    So you do not have to think anymore. You can only go prosumer with your budget.

    Enjoy and have fun with you camera.

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    Thank you for all the replies! will look for prosumer ultra-zoom camera.
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