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    Exclamation Flash 580exII

    Hi guys,

    its me again.... What rechargeable batteries are suitable for the flash???

    Thank you all for sharing...

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    Any but popular ones here are PowerEx 2700, PowerEx Imedion and Sanyo Eneloop. The 2700 has more capacity while the imedion and eneloop has low discharge rate - meaning you can charge today and keep it for a year and there will still be charge in the batt. I think the capacity is only 2100.

    I have, mostly PowerEx2700 and a couple sets of Imedions solely for backup.

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    using eneloops. so far so gd

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    Using eneloops as well

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    Please, do yourself and all of us a favor and try to search first next time. A search for "rechargeable batteries" would have led you to the many many previous threads.

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    Sanyo Eneloops. I can vouch for its performance.
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