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Thread: Masters, help me:)

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    Quote Originally Posted by krisietong View Post
    just my humble suggestion: get a basic DSLR and pick up photography first.. get some good lenses along the way.. den keep the lenses and sell the body away if U need to upgrade to a better camera... it is not easy to learn photography skills.. i've know pple who r simply too busy or too lazy to contd.. $$$ den will be wasted.
    Maybe oso use the $$ to attend some photography courses
    really appreciate your suggestion: ))) it's helpful. thought of taking some classes since my school offering it. once again, thanks for the nice suggestion: )))

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    Quote Originally Posted by night86mare View Post
    pentax k-x review

    canon 500d review

    canon 550d preview

    side by side comparison:

    differences (k-x being talked about here):
    -lower resolution (to be honest, i don't really think you need 18 megapixels)
    -base iso (200 versus 100)
    -in-camera image stabilisation (meaning every lens you mount is stabilised)
    -11 af points versus 9
    -max shutter 1/6000 sec versus 1/3000 sec
    -much more flash modes (rear curtain, slow)
    -4.7 fps versus 3.4/3.7
    -poorer lcd resolution though
    -uses aa batteries versus lithium ion

    i think if you're looking for capable cameras, all 3 are capable.

    if you're looking for the most bang for buck, pentax k-x.

    $899 won't even get you the body only for 500d or 550d.

    waa! the links are awesome. now will seriously take more notice on the Pentax K-x now, since it's cheap and good for a new photographer. Thanks night86mare, appreciated : )

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    Quote Originally Posted by dingaroo View Post
    As usual Guru night86mare breaks it down for you in more detailed.

    Its not the camera that makes the picture, but the person with the eye and heart behind it. Even pros sometimes use PnS and still can come up with amazingly good pictures.

    Camera is just a tool. Remember that.


    glad that all the Masters are helpful to my decision of getting Dslr.
    Much agree with Dingaroo on the opinions : )
    saw one picture taken with a mobile phone, & it's awesomely nice.

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