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    hi guys... i am new to digital cameras. after much research and consideration, i cant decide to buy lumix zr1 or canon ixus 100is... i know this is a panasonic thread, but i juz wan to get you guys opinion on this so that i wun regret after buying. many many thanks!!

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    hi stabiloflash,

    i wonder why you consider to buy one of those cameras. I believe ZR1 is considerable bigger than 100IS. Both produce good picture. But in some of the areas, like burst mode and flash range, ZR1 is better. However, it is still up to you what is the most important features that you need. Go to the camera shop and try it out. And for your info, if you decided to buy ZR1, and you need spare battery, you need to buy the original battery. It is quite costly

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    hi zapper10! thanks so much for your views... in fact i went to the camera shop to test out the cameras, and the salesman intro lumix zr1 and canon ixus 100is with my budget of 400. i am still abit blur over the specs and stuff, so came here to look for some opinions. basically i will be using the camera for leisure purpose and i din intend to spend alot on a camera. juz wan to get sth tat is gd (and looks nice?).

    so the original batt is very ex? okok i shall take that into consideration...

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    Ur welcome.

    But for me, I think if you want me to choose, I still choose for ZR1. Considering the focal range

    ZR1 25-200mm (8x zoom)
    100IS 33-100mm (3x zoom)

    So ZR1 able to cover most of the distances. Its quite good for travelling. Just my opinion.

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    i went to another camera shop to check out the price and in the end the salesman told me zr1 no good, and tat this camera is not popular at all... after hearing wad he said i got 2nd thoughts...

    is zr1 realli not popular? or anyone got any good models that you will intro me with my budget of 300-400?

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    You can consider Fuji Finepix F200 - $369
    Ixus 120IS - $429
    But i think you better do research yourself before you buy the camera. YOu can refer for the website like www.

    I myself use Panasonic TZ7, similar model with ZR1. But it cost more than $500

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    Thx zapper10! The website u provided me is v useful.. Tz7 reallli very good, but abit ex for me.. I think I am gettin fx65..


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