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    found this from an ebay seller.
    this chart may be useful for those who wish to get Hoya filters

    credit to slphotogear
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    Thanks a lot :-)

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    Interesting. Hoya Super HMC has superior effective light transmission over Pro 1D.

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    Default Re: Hoya Filter types

    Actually they missed out Kenko Pro1D, which is the same thing as the Hoya Pro1D line.

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    Hi bro,
    Thks for sharing. Looks like i have to get myself a new UV because the one i have is just a normal kenko ...w/o any multicoating even!

    Where do you guys get ur filters from? any experience w reliable HK sellers? seems like the prices on ebay are quite good compared to some local shops ard
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    Wow, surprised to discover the Kenko Zeta has slightly more light transmission than the Hoya HD series. Previously I went to TK Photo, the staff convinced me the Zeta is Kenko's equivalent to the Hoya HD range.

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    price are slightly cheaper on ebay. but have to take the risk of undelivered, damage during delivery and usually reach you about two weeks time.

    my guideline is, check the price in ebay first so that you know the estimated price and not get cheated when you buy them from local stores. the difference are usually a few dollars.
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