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Thread: Need advice on Nepal Backpack Trip

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    Quote Originally Posted by topaz
    However, please take note that there is now unrest between the government and the repel (the Maoist) in Nepal now and just saw from the news yesterday that it is getting worst and not better. This you will have to be very cautious, though no tourist was hurt yet, but in chaos, bullets and bombs have no eyes.

    When i was there, i actually met the repel who have guns and granites on them... come to think of it... pretty scaring...

    So if you really am going, please be careful.

    Ya we met many army and police troops at various check points. Saw one of the suspected rebels being apprehended. Situation had been like this for a couple of years. But the rebels are unhappy with their own govt and they do not target tourists. They know that tourism is the major revenue for their country. Our guide even put up a sign that said "Tourists" in our mini bus when he found out that we may meet with some rebel activity along the way. His logic is that rebels do not target tourists. But it's good to be careful. It is safer in the mountains and away from police or army installations which are one of their fav targets. Check with your agent when making the arrangements.

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    JermsDayOut, I deal with Extremely good, strongly recommended, really value for money.

    kingpin, my fellow tripmate. Yes, tentatively trip and itinerary if I still have time and budget for the upcoming trip. U may consider joining me for the part Lhasa to EBC.

    The Maoist is that life -threatening to the toursit if u understand the situation there. Yes, as kingpin saif" they are not happy with the government". And of coursem they need the people support. I would say at least 60% of their GDP is from tourism. If the Maoist shoot dead a toursit, and the tourism industry affected and dropped dramatically, the local people will suffer and blame the Maoist.

    If u were one of the Maoist, do u want to break the rice bowl of the people that u want their support ??

    I meet a group of Taiwanese, travelling in a passenger to Nagakrot. A group of Maosit suddenly jumped in front to the car , all holding guns. But after checking that they were toursit and talked to the driver, they just let go, did not even ask for "toll".

    No need to be too worried about it.

    The worst it could happen, when Maoist launched a striker and all vechile stop for that day, then u have to "walk" to airport.

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    so far... based on what i understand, Maoists are collecting donations only in the Annapurna regions (namely Gorephani). I never seen any along the Khumbu region last yr. They usually asked for 1000 rupees per head.

    The agency i used have learnt to adapt to this situation. The guide leading the trekking group will talk to the Maoist and pay them out of the agency's pocket. This minimises the direct contact between the trekking group and the Maoists. I verified with some1 who did the Annapura Base camp trek with this agency that this is indeed true.

    Do check with the agency you will be using what how they handle this. safe as in any other overseas trips

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    Generally, should not be too worried abt the rebels, although pls do exercise caution. When I was there, I was unlucky that the rebels called on a 3-day strike! (My guide said usually it lasted only a day) When they call on a strike, all the shops & public transport will not operate. The ACAP government building which was just in front of my tea-house in Ghandruk was bombed!
    Luckily it happened the night before we arrived

    Our scheduled drive from Pokhara back to Kathmandu was also affected. Luckily, our agency was responsible enough to arrange a flight back instead (free of course). The aerial view of the Himalayas was wonderful!

    Downside is, in Thamel, almost all the shops closed, so just go sight-seeing in Durbar Sqr etc... Even our journey to the airport, as wong_se mention, they'll paste something on the vehicle to indiciate tourist on board

    All in all, just go and enjoy yourself


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