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Thread: Fake Gurus selling Finance Instruments

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    Default Fake Gurus selling Finance Instruments

    Recently, one of the biggest scammer Clemen Chiang has been bought to Small Claim by his so called students for misrepresenting his credital of a Fake Phd in Option Trading.

    The high court has refused his appeal and thus he has to pay back 49 students a pro-rated fees back. However, the latest news is that Clemen Chiang has not paid his students yet.

    Will you still attend all those course by so called Guru who advertised in the market ?

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    Frankly Speaking if there are so called Financial Guru's around and they are making tonnes of $$

    So do you think that they are going to teach you to the same technic lol. I wouldnt if i m a guru in options, futures or Forex i would spend most of my time in making lots of Kash rather than teach.

    Very simple old saying '1 monk have porriage to eat but too many monks have none to eat'

    Think again dont be fool by all this scammer.
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    well... maybe there are really some Financial Guru out there who have earn so much $$$ that $$$ to them is already quite meaningless... they can have anything that $$$ can buy...

    so they want to impart and share their knowledge and make more ppl happy...
    but 99.9% of the ppl out there does not fall into the above category... and those ppl definitely does not advertise in newspaper...

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    When George Soros predicted 5 years ahead of the US housing market burst during his tour (including Singapore), he only give vaguely run through how he derived at that conclusion when questioned. Seldom will someone let you know his core mantra of making money.
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    If they are so good at making money, won't they be making money instead of teaching other ppl?

    Even the guy who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad allegedly did so not by investing but by writing his books.


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