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Thread: Advice needed on Fungus.

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    Default Advice needed on Fungus.

    Hi guys,

    I need some expert advise on this.

    I read many threads on forum abt fungus. Yes they can be cleaned up by service center or some freelance pro.

    However, the question is, after cleaning, is the camera more prone to fungus attack? since there are traces of fungus before, I am wondering if there are those inactive ones that will BLOOM later?

    Also, will a camera that went thru cleaning have not as good optics.

    THe reason why i am asking is because I was offered a 5D Mk2 last week. But i found fungus on the condeser lens/focus screen in the body.

    So not sure if i should still get it... then clean it....

    Appreciate you advise.


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    Default Re: Advice needed on Fungus.

    sound like it does bother you, why don't just get a new body to have some peace of mind?
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    Default Re: Advice needed on Fungus.

    If is it positive a fungus on the body, I won't buy it. Primarily because the owner did not even take care of it unit. If it is below $1000 stuff, you still can use and throw later but I doubt it is going to be such low price.

    Once fungus starts to grow on rubber and plastic surface, there is no way of destroying it with the unit. 20min in high ozone chamber may be possible to halt the fungus growth but provided there is not ozone sensitive component in the unit.

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    Default Re: Advice needed on Fungus.

    5d mark II , which is relatively NEW have fungus on focusing screen? that's sick.

    i would not touch such a camera, i think the owner dig pisai and throw it in everyday and never keep in dry cabinet.

    that's me, but everyone has different preferences. i suspect the price will be lower than usual, so if you are willing to risk, then why not?

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    Default Re: Advice needed on Fungus.

    Well to be fair, i think the owner did not have the time to use the camera too often. Unfortunately the camera was not stored in a dry cab.

    He got another set of 5Dm2 from his friend. So neglected this set. Lucky but careless. Thats all i can say.

    Not going to elaborate more on that. Buyers just be sure you check. Can PM me if you getting any sets you think might be the same one.

    Thanks to all who replied. I am giving up this set already since an affeted set is probably a "DEAD" set since the fungus is still somewhere in there waiting only.

    THread closed!!


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