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Thread: Camo Form - Protective Camouflage Wrap

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    Default Re: Camo Form - Protective Camouflage Wrap

    Ill rather use cling wrap...

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    Quote Originally Posted by king2penn View Post
    Ill rather use cling wrap...
    Bubble wrap....additional protection

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    Please do not OT or Mod will close this thread.

    I saw a couple of photographers using this wrap on their 70-200 and they are using the green camo.

    For those who one to protect your tripod leg, i think this is the one wrap that can perform very well.

    Saw some review of this wrap where those people in US used to wrap their rifles and scope. amazing done.

    still a long way for me to perfect the wrapping.

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    I liked the quick wrap in the early part of the thread as I didn't realise that could be done with the camo tape. Clearly a more professional finish can be achieved given time and patience, but a decent quick knock-up to show the great unwashed what the end result could look like. So unless you're a tailor or seamstress that can seam the edges, it's a pretty good job.

    I'm after adding a protective layer to my Minolta AF 80-200mm f/2.8 APO HS G (white lens), and had been in touch with lenscoat, but they haven't made one for that specific lens, but their prices are ridiculous for a neoprene coat. The camo wrap is far more affordable and with the excess, you can probably do the tripod, monopod, flashgun etc etc.

    I'll probably go with the Mcnett camo form snow (see image) version rather than the standard 3 or 4 colour camo schemes that Mcnett offer (type in: Mcnett Camo Form Protective Camouflage Wrap) into the Amazon search box; you'll see about 8 different colour schemes, though I do like the urban digital camo grey in the lenscoat inventory.

    Snow (Mcnett Camo Form)

    Digital Urban Camo (Lenscoat)
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    Quote Originally Posted by wishxtreme View Post
    Just got a desert camo form wrap from Sgcamerastore this morning.

    This is one of the best innovative products I ever came across. Why didn't anyone in SGP bring in such products in the past.

    Use it to wrap my Canon 135L and i only need to spend minimum time to measure and cut the camo form wrap and wrap around the lens. It is so easy to apply.

    Thanks for sharing (I've just come across your thread) and I'm glad to see people using ingenuity to achieve results at a fraction of the quick-fix cost. I thought for a quickie, you did a decent job. Maybe with a sewing machine you could make it look for professional, but even as it is, it should at least prevent the odd bump and scratch.

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