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Thread: Best 12 Photos Of The Year 2003

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    Default Best 12 Photos Of The Year 2003

    We have just completed the POTY 2003 contest and selected the best 12 photos from some 3,000 photos. There are over 4,000 comments received. It is a tight and exciting competition. Enjoy the gallery.

    Photos Of The Year 2003 Final Gallery

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    The winning shot is really spectacular!

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    I prefer the 2nd and the 3rd photo. Is the photos all "clean" or some sort of graphic software is allow?

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    I think all photos in the final gallery are exceptional nice photos.

    We are going with the POTY 2004 now. It will be another great collection of photos selected from some 5,000 photos by the year end.

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    Fantastic shots. Congrats to all winners!

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    Quote Originally Posted by swampthing
    Fantastic shots. Congrats to all winners!

    We have made the winning photos in a nice presentation with policy and approach at the front page.


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