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Thread: 5 interesting facts abt urself~

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    Quote Originally Posted by RuthBaby
    5 interesting facts abt urself~
    One: I have a congested nose and can get severe reactions if exposed to cooking fumes from any food that I am intolerant to, though I donít have any breathing problem when mountaineering or in a high humid tropical forest.
    Lock me in a car, bus or a room with a tapao food, and Iíll be fainted in less than 15 minutes.

    Two: I have never had a long-term committed relationship; my ex-girl friends say that I need therapy. They still love me, though (well, at least that's what they say).

    Three: I have an eating disorder. I really donít like to eat. I take only one meal a day. I eat a lot of vegetables, fruits and eggs, though.
    I am 172cm and 56kg Ė I think Ė and now I am wearing a Leviís I bought 13 years ago.

    Four: I am a perfectionist. My flat-mate - all ladies - always drops their hair on the floor or on the sofa, and it drives me crazy.
    They say that I am a psycho weirdo.

    Five: I donít like Canon.

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    1. I once swallowed a live goldfish.
    2. I never thought women could flatulate till I was about 15. Always thought they were too dignified to do that.
    3. Ate a raw fishball sitting in a bowl of water thinking it was lychee in syrup.
    4. My parents left me with the impression that I could never get on board an airplane without brushing my teeth. I believed that till I was 15 (when I found out girls could fart).
    5. I cannot drive a manual car.

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    Default a dork (but i don't another type of dork!) hate cockroachers?(is that how you spell it??)
    3.i like self portraits and body arts(my cousin is an artist and i followed her to watch her draw nudes at young age) an Angelina Jolie Fetishist (hahaha...she rocks!)
    5.i love to get prank'd(come and make fun of me?i make sure you get back 10 times from me :P)

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    1) I don't like to look at pretty girls
    2) I am not very clever
    3) I am not very handsome
    4) I am not not good at photography
    5) MOST importance, I always lie on the first 4 questions. Ha Ha Ha Just joking

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    one is short
    two is slightly shorter
    three makes me the shortest
    four still nothing but shortor
    finally je suis mousier shorty

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    I like to talk to myself
    I am a boring man
    Driving aimlessly is my favourite activity
    I love the combination of flour, oil, egg and curry (roti prata)
    I can't seem to think straight...ha ha ha

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    i had 10 stitches on my head when i was in primary one - from running downstaris to get 'pao' and knocking into my neighbour's gates

    i had another 10 stitches near my eye when i was 19 - from playing games.

    Got another few stitches in my right knee when i went for an operation - from playing games again....(torn interior cruciate ligament)

    Got a SEA Games gold medal in 1983

    i love mood photos.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feryl
    Yes, in a way i have. Among the things i have eaten as a VERY curious kid...

    - cockroaches, ants, a lizard tail. The cockroach tasted the worst...

    - soap water with dirty laundry inside. drank nearly half a litre before i choked and my mom came screaming into the kitchen to bitchslap me and flush the soap water out.

    - batteries. Do u know if u lick the terminal of C batteries (u know the big rectangular ones with 2 plugs on top), it tastes very acidic and hurts ur tongue?

    - liquid paper, eraser shavings, pencil lead, edges of wooden ruler...

    i was a very screwed up kid..

    woah! And u are still alive today... Amazing!!

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    1 absolutely do not eat seafood, think they look gross
    2 sneaker fetish. would collect bball shoes if had $$ + love checking women in sneakers/boots. (had a great time in hk!)
    3 only caffeine allowed in system is coke
    4 would love to go out wearing jackets if only e weather permitted. thinks long coats r kool... jacket fetish?
    5 my ears get bored if i went out w/o my discman

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    1. I'm left handed. Not sure if that means I'm smarter, but this is surely one of the best urban myths I've heard!
    2. I really dig manual cameras; they're just so well-crafted and solid.
    3. I'm usually very shy, but sometimes surprisingly bold and candid.
    4. Most people mistake me for being about a decade younger than I really am, until I open my mouth.
    5. I have more pens and art supplies than I can cope with.

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    1. I drank from a milk bottle till primary two cos i puked all over myself when the milk went up my nose....

    2. i can imitate animal sounds very well...especially the bird that goes wooot!! in the morning...

    3. my tongue can touch my nose

    4. i like to crack people's knuckles...

    5. i can't stand those people who wear sandals or slippers and their toes hang over or out of the footwear..

    ...gee...i am weird...

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