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Thread: just realised my warranty cards was unfilled

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    Exclamation just realised my warranty cards was unfilled

    hi guys..

    so heres what happened, i was consolidating my boxes of canon purchases and looking through the contents yesterday. I Just realised warranty for my purchased items half a year ago was unfilled.. meaning there is the S/N stamp, and sign of original warranty by Canon International , BUT is missing point of sale company stamp! AND a Date of purchase.. and the Warranty card clearly states that there must be a company stamp chop and Date from a official canon retailer..

    heres my questions~

    1. any of u guys ever encounter this issue? no stamp = cant use warranty at CSC

    2. if i get a stamp/date from an official dealer right now, my warranty officially starts from that date, is this legal / illegal ? sounds like im either lucky or unlucky

    3. if this is a legal move ( to get a stamp chop/date today and warranty officially starts today) , this sounds a little cheating but it does warrant a little mock up in price for reselling in B&S doesnt it ?

    umm... i think ive got more to ask but not sure what haha.. can u guys discuss this if u ever encountered this issue.. help clear some doubts.. THANKS !

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    Default Re: just realised my warranty cards was unfilled

    oh yes, take note i bought all my items off the shelves in official canon retailers.. one retailer is at Sim Lim.. the other at Marina.. u guys probably can guess from which reputable retailers
    and to add.. i might have to look for the receipts proof of purchase, cos i didnt keep them in the boxes (sigh) .. *rummaging through my stuffs*

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    Default Re: just realised my warranty cards was unfilled

    just realised theres a warranty enquiry thread already , sorry for this new thread. found the other thread informative already lol, i need to find the receipts ~~ or i can just go back to the shop to get duplicate copy yaa..

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