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Thread: Using adobe photoshop?

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    Default Re: No : Linux user.

    Quote Originally Posted by sriram
    Photoshop is exorbitantly expensive. I use GIMP on Linux. It's very good. I use it for levels, curves, colour balance, resizing, cropping, sharpening, etc.
    I think so too. I don't understand why so many beginners are so willing to afford it. There are so many free tools like IrfanView for cropping, brightness/contrast kind of work.

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    the GIMP is really not bad. it's supposed to be a bit geeky but u get used to it after a while. i use the following functions a lot:
    - curves
    - channel mixer (though the preview doesn't work)
    - quick masking for selection

    but it lacks the following PS tools:
    - healing brush
    - shadow/highlights, as earlier mentioned
    - camera raw

    the GIMP feels a bit buggy to me. some things don't work the way i think they should. i can't seem to create adjustment layers like i can with PS. maybe i just haven't figured it out...

    still, it's as full featured as a free program can get.

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    I just like to use PS to crop and scale my images really. I might do cutouts to comp stuff together occasionally, but I don't like messing with filters and such to improve the quality because I like to take care when I set up my shots in the first place.

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    Default Re: Using adobe photoshop?

    great tool. all u need is creativity.

    photoshopping for life.

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    Default Re: Using adobe photoshop?

    Just an interesting observation.
    Since now the poll stands at nearly 300 PS users,
    If that's true, Adobe would have around $300,000 in sale?

    Heh. Unles...
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