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    Hi all bros here,
    pls enlighten me. Anyone got experience in posting your photography ads in the above web?
    Wat are the requirements and eligibility?

    Do let me know.

    Thank so much.

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    i tried once. they immediately revoke my account instead delete the ads.

    you need to contact sales department.

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    must pay i think. 3.5k at least, just to get listed.

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    Default Re: Posting ads in

    you need to be an advertiser to list your service there, the fee is $3000 per year.
    am no longer advertise there, not sure about current price.
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    i heard its 4k now. U cant advertise on the sly as the moderators will ban your account once someone complains.
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    3k not so long ago and it is 4k now. Funny thing is those who continue their advert with them stays at old rate. Seems like they do not want to risk losing old customer. Double standard to me
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