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Thread: Netbook suitable ?

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    i would go for a device with a bigger screen. so i say netbook not suitable. anyway netbooks have crappy displays and not ideal for photo viewing.
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    the color found on the netbook is too pale... not recommended unless u are buying culv laptop then will be better...

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    btw, IT show is coming in about 2 weeks time... go there and buy... the price of those culv laptop is slight expensive then netbook... worth the money if u r on budget

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crane08 View Post
    Just bought a new Dslr and wanted to know whether a simple netbook will serve my needs. Do not intend to do a lot of post process. Just a device to keep family pics. May also consider adding a HDD.
    If no post-processing is required (i.e. only for storage and viewing), then why not consider Epson P-6000? It's small, portable and longer lasting.

    If post-processing is required (even occasionally), netbook is too weak due to the poor graphics card and CPU power. A normal laptop will be better.
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