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    Anyone here is a procurement business analyst /procurement operation analyst?

    just want to know what is roughly the salary range for this post?


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    anyone can help? Thanks.

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    SGD 4 - 5k depending on scope and coverage.
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    Thanks Eyes.

    Are you a procurement analyst?

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    too brief...
    some of these such job title only require you to buy stuff. these jobs would at most earn 2k if you do not have degree and 2.5k if you have 1.

    if you are truely an analyst. doing things like forecasting, planning, supply chain logistic management...etc etc..starting pay is about 2.8-3.5k. experience will up you to at most 5k. you cant go far being an analyst.
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    This maybe helpful

    Differs greatly between industries, experience matters alot. Depending on the type of purchasing the job entails. Simple order processing can be as little as 1500, regional, global portfolios with strategic procurement responsibities can go beyond 10,000 mark.

    "Analyst" title is seldom used though unless in financial or consulting fields.

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    Thanks all for the input.


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