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    Hi Guys,

    Need some help here. I'm still new and i wanna go for portait and landscape photo. so may i know which lens best for this 2 type of photo shoot?

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    Maybe you can tell us what lens you having right now.

    I usually use the 18-105 kit lens for landscape and 50 mm for portrait.
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    Starting point would be the kit lens 18-55 lens that come with the D5000 camera.

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    welcome to cs, technically there isnt any best lens for any application, all boils down to matter of preference.

    my preference will be kit lens for landscape, and a bigger aperture lens f2.8 and below 85mm+ for portraits

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    Any lens can be used, although there are certain lenses that are favored over others for the different purposes. If you don't know, you'll just have to try shooting your 2 preferred genres and ask yourself what is hindering you from achieving a better photo.

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    Any lens can be used for these 2 aspect. Depends on ur expectations, shooting stye, comfortable focal length and the effect u want~
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    although any focal length will do, "usually" there are preferred focal lengths due to the effects/perspective they can give:

    for landscape use wide angle - wide angle gives you greater perception of depth, you would be able to capture more and nearer foreground subjects which will accentuate the perception of depth relative to your background which are usually far.
    for portrait use tele - on the other hand, you would want flat/more compressed perspectives for portraits
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    For landscape shots, your kit lens would be sufficient.
    For portraits, you can either go with the kit lens or get a cheap 50mm lens if you want a shallow DOF.
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