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Thread: Improving quality of photo?

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    Default Improving quality of photo?

    Say for example,this photo has a little too much noise but when i tried using the reduce noise function in photoshop,i couldn't notice any different at all,any other ways to make it much better quality? Or should i add more noise to suit the photo?

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    underexposed it when shooting and recover shadows?

    for NR better to try noiseninja, it is better than photoshop noise reduction.

    alternatively, conversion to bnw will help you for sure. noise tends to look better in bnw.

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    Default Re: Improving quality of photo?

    Alrite,thx for the tip,i'll check out noiseninja funny name for a program

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    Default Re: Improving quality of photo?

    I use the Neat Image. It has a freeware version. Use google to hunt for it.


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