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Thread: 717 user, could use some help

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    Question 717 user, could use some help

    hey everyone,

    Just found this place, can you guys answer some Qs?
    I have a Sony 717, and have a filter pack by Hoya, that has close up filters, +1, +2, +4. I do mostly Aquarium Photograpy, i.e. taking pics of fish through glass & water. My typical setup is total darkness with a top light strip on the tank that has 4x 65W Daylight power compact bulbs. My typical distance to the glass is about 8 inches, plus whatever the distance from the glass to the fish, which changes as they are swimming constantly.

    What would you suggest that would help me focus better on the fish. I have not been able to work out the way these filters work, tried combining them but prety much figured out it does not work. I shoot usually in Manual mode using Macro, with NO flash (really washes out fish colors) and shutter about 1/80, Aperature of 2.0 (shalow DOF, right?), and ISO 100 (forced, otherwise too much noise).

    I also can't get past the 717's shutter lag. i curse the freaking camera daily for that.

    ANY suggestions on the setup or tech? Thanks in advance.

    HERE are some of my recent pics I posted on this forum for critique.

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    I don't know if you knew, the focusing distance of the digicam when used with a +4 close up filter will be limited to around 25cm (100/4), for +2 will be around 50cm (100/2). You can always test it on a non-moving object to judge the focusing distance.
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    Also as with most macro, you might wanna try using manual focusing instead?

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    An idea to keep your fish in focus: put a clear sheet of glass or plastic into the tank, limiting the movement of the fish to a single plane. This will help ensure sharper focus.


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