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Thread: [v.a] "Come into my world" - 23 (Fri) & 24 (Sat) April 2010

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    Exclamation [v.a] "Come into my world" - 23 (Fri) & 24 (Sat) April 2010




    +++ COME INTO MY WORLD +++

    This thread is to gather a definite response to feature our london based fashion and commerical model "IVIETA from Czech"
    She will be modeling in a series of LINGERIE SHOOTS

    More details coming up......

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    IVIETA from Czech Republic
    London Based Fashion & Commercial Model


    23 & 24 April 2010 (FRI & SAT)

    Time & Sessions
    23 Apr 2010 Session 1: FRI 5.00p.m –7.00p.m code: 23S1
    23 Apr 2010 Session 2: FRI 7.30p.m - 9.30p.m code: 23S2
    24 Apr 2010 Session 1: SAT 9.00a.m - 11.00a.m code 24S1
    24 Apr 2010 Session 2: SAT 11.30a.m - 1.30p.m code 24S2

    Fees per session
    $140 for V.A regulars and early birds (full payment via bank transfer
    on/ before Friday 12th Mar 2359hrs) , $180 thereafter.

    Do contact us for enquiry on private booking and charges detail

    Number of Outfits & Style
    2-3 sets of sexy lingerie

    Day & Night Session:
    Studio lighting, reflectors and wind machine will be set up.

    Hotel Location
    To be released to confirmed participants only

    Number of participants
    Start 4:1
    Limit to 4 max. Each photographer will have ample time with the model

    If you desire to shoot lingerie, this is the place to start!
    All are welcome! newbies to photography & lightings, photographers expanding their “portfolio”,
    photographers who are keen in achieving that perfect lingerie poses. THIS IS THE TIME!!
    This is one opportunity that you do not want to miss to update you portfolio with international models.

    Contact us directly @ 9108-1813
    PM us / Email to to reserve your front row seat now!

    Please read the Disclaimer :

    1.The organizer, Visual.Acoustics (V.A) reserves the rights to cancel or change the time slots for the scheduled shoots, in the event of any unforeseen circumstances.

    2. In the event that the shoots were to be cancelled, V.A will initiate full refund within a period of 7 working days to those participants who have paid the fees in advance.
    Please retain the bank transfer receipt for refund arrangement.
    All payment MUST be made via bank transfers as all transactions will be tracked and recorded by the banks.
    NO CASH payment will be accepted.

    3.No refund will be given to those who have made payment to confirm their reservation and later decides to withdraw before the scheduled shoots.

    4.You may transfer/ sell your reserved slot to another party and it must be highlighted to the organizer before the scheduled shoots.

    5.To enjoy the early bird's offer prices, all reserved slots are to be paid on/before 12 Mar 2010, 2359hrs.
    Please SMS & EMAIL your transfer receipt number to us once you have completed the transfers and an acknowledgement will be emailed back.

    6. All other payments including V.A regulars (that is on/ after 13 Mar 2010 0000hrs) are to be paid by 09 April 2010, 2359hrs.
    In the event that the payment to secure your reservation is not received by 09 Apr 2010, 2359hrs,
    your reservation will be released to those in the waiting list.

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    Default Re: [v.a] "Come into my world" - 23 (Fri) & 24 (Sat) April 2010

    IVIETA from Czech Republic
    London Based Fashion & Commercial Model

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    Default Re: [v.a] "Come into my world" - 23 (Fri) & 24 (Sat) April 2010

    This is IVIETA

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    change to studio shoot


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