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    Am back again with this new post, as I mentioned in my previous post “untitled” that am new to the world of DSLR's and like the earlier one this picture also happens to be one of my first few candid shots.....found it good myself so am here for the experts n critics reviews....

    I would like to have some feedback on the composition, colour saturation and after/post processing.
    I have composed the picture this way because I want to show the details as well as vibrancy of colours.

    I will like feedback and some "constructive" criticism on photography techniques.
    The following are the camera settings used to photograph this picture.
    I chose Nikon D90 with 55-200mm with F10 - 1/200 - ISO-200 @ 200mm.
    I will like feedback on post processing techniques.
    I will also appreciate if the critiques may please suggest me a title for this picture.

    Thanking you all in advance

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    1. I find the image is not sharp.

    2. The bird eye is not clearly visible.

    3. As the crop is very tight, would be nice to show more details on the bird.

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    Agreed with above, the image is not sharp.
    probably you can play with the ISO or aperture to up ur shutter speed.
    200mm handheld can be tough sometimes =)

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    Your shutter speed is way too slow to be shooting at 200mm.

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    yep agree with the rest picture is soft. i suspect this is a super cropped photo? care to share the original photo?

    crop is too tight for my liking and eye is underexposed.

    it's a nice bird though.

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    wow this is uncommon to catch a kingfisher that up close, congrats (these are so finicky and always on the move)

    the main killer for me in this image are the eyes..... they look dull

    the ruffled blue feathers ('bleeding color') also tend to take away from this image

    where was this taken ?

    u lucky guy
    shaddap and just shoot .... up close

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    May I ask did you use matrix or spot metering?
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    Thanks all for your replies and criticism, I totally agree with all of you that the picture is not sharp / is soft n is a little dull too
    But as I said this shot was something very instant.... while it was sitting on a window ac.

    Yes the photo is very tightly cropped....would try my level best to try it on the un-cropped / original image.

    Yes bro you are right in saying that I probably should have played with the ISO or aperture but as “ed9119” said these (kingfishers) are so finicky and always on the move it is really difficult to shoot you barely get any time to play around with the settings

    Pokémon and ed9119:
    Very true this is a super cropped photo..... Am posting the original version (un-cropped) of the photo here in please advise what all could have been done any further suggestions on Improvement of the photo will be highly appreciated - Thanks

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    hi rangeen, i thought the original picture told a more interesting story with the kingfisher perching on the aircon box. i chose a loose crop with the ac box in it and touched up on the exposure on the face. i associated the aircon box with cooling off and since not everyone (like me) knew it was a kingfisher, i played around the word king. so a suggestion for your title "chilling out the king way" or somewhere along those lines.

    click on image for a bigger picture.
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    Hey Pokémon one thing I’ll have to admit that you apart from being a good critic also are very good at suggesting appropriate titles for the pictures do you remember "hypnotized" that’s what you suggested me for my first post “untitled” am really grateful for this and now on I’ll try n leave this title part for you in all my future posts

    One more thing I’d like to share in here n that is that I’m not very good at ps would really appreciate if along with the suggestion on the pic. If you could also guide me with the technical part (of how to's in ps) as in how to touch up the exposure that too at a certain point (through pm’s maybe). I appreciate your effort for the last time as I learnt a lot about lens correction.

    n the pic I believe looks better now

    any further remarks / suggestions by any other fellow member would also be heighly appreciated - thanks

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    Post Re: "untitled-2"

    Tried playing around with it again (with same cropping though)....... Please tell me if I’m wrong somewhere


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