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    I have 2 months worth of Dailies (4 boxes). 2 expiring in April, and 2 in June. I wanted to exchange them in the shop that I bought them from, they said they only do exchanges for lens that has 6 months before they expire. But when I bought them the lady never specify such a rule.

    I only wear them for sports not everyday usage, so impossible for me to finish them by April. What can I do with what I've got now aside from throwing them away? I've asked my friends none of them has the same degree as me. Can't sell them online as it is in violation of some SG law.

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    wear them everyday?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinned79 View Post
    wear them everyday?
    Change them every 12 hours.
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    ARGH! I would have done that long time ago, except my eyes are prone to dryness so I can't wear them for a whole day. Looks like there goes those dailes...


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