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Thread: Photography Talk "Beyond Basic 2010"

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    Default Photography Talk "Beyond Basic 2010"

    Dear friends,

    I will be giving a photography talk on 20th Feb 2010 from 1-2pm at Orchard Central Basement.
    (in front of unit B1-23)
    (address of Orchard Central: 181 Orchard Road)

    The talk is titled "Beyond Basic 2010"

    Some of the topics I will be touching on:

    Rule of Compositions:
    1) Rule of half
    2) Flat images
    3) Turning on the picture

    1) The best camera in the world
    2) The sharpest Image
    3) Digital vs Film
    4) Cropping your photograph?

    1) Timeless vs Timed
    2) Shoulders of Giants

    All is welcome


    *more information is located at

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    Default Re: Photography Talk "Beyond Basic 2010"

    a few pictures to share...


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