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Thread: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    Get the 1000D and a small pouch for carrying it everywhere, it's a great camera!

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    I use a 1000D. It is my first DSLR, and I find that it is light, and easy to learn how to use.

    Mine has travel with me to a lot of places. Artic circle @ -30C to singapore @ 30C.

    I have upgraded the firmware myself and it has never gave me any issues, err or problem.

    IMO, if u want to get the 1000D, get 2nd hand. If the bug bite, u will still have funds to get good lenses, & in future upgrade to a better body. if not, u can treat it like a good pns camera that will last for quite some time.

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    The Canon EOS 1000D in my opinion has better image quality at higher ISO sensitivities. The G11 has good image quality at higher ISO sensitivities but in my opinion, still cannot beat the 1000D's. The 1000D also have a higher FPS in its burst mode at least in JPEG mode. The 1000D can accommodate the many EOS lenses for you to grow on your hobby. The G11 is very compact and lightweight and extremely portable. Some Pros I know rely of the G series for situations where they cannot bring their DSLR. The 1000D has served me very well. I still miss it sometimes after I sold it. It has lots of memories.



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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    i say go the DSLR route as well
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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    actually depands how u appreciate ur photo also... a DSLR forever will not be replace by a camera such as the G series.. dang, even the latest micro 4/3 system is not gonna match what DSLR does... the bokeh, the effect, that "feel" still not there... unless u go use a old 50mm f1.2 lens on the Micro 4/3 la then i can say yes, u got urself a DSLR rival

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    To TS:

    Though you have been into photography for years as well as an owner of a compact and SLR. Now, it becomes a dilemma to start over again on choosing between a good compact vs an entry DSLR. The question therefore lies in a few factors now.

    1) Is size and weight major factors to you?

    2) Do you travel often?

    3) How often do you intend to use the camera?

    4) What genre of photography?

    5) Are you willing to invest into photography again?

    6) If you are willing to invest, will it be a long term investment or period?

    7) How much more are you willing to invest?

    For me, I'm still using my Panny TZ-3, Canon 450D & Canon 7D, depending on where I'm going and what I want to shoot for that day / trip. Photography virus bites and the damage to your piggy bank is going to be deep if not well managed. Therefore, I hope that the few questions above will help you get a better picture of what you will be deciding on.

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    Quote Originally Posted by ZerocoolAstra View Post
    can't someone get the 1000D kit and just stop there?
    I see lots of people walking around with entry DSLR kit only...
    Finally....I see a message like this one.

    And yes, you defintely can stop there, if you could make do with a pns as is , there is absolutely no reason not to believe you cannot stop at the kit.

    Some people say you will spend more with a DSLR, but i think what it measn is , you "could" spend more to expand your equipment to support a DSLR. But can you stop at a kit level?....i will give it a resounding "yes".

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    Quote Originally Posted by li lin View Post
    side point - i'm not a Wong, sorry to disappoint.

    hey, thanks to all of you for very good advice.
    didn't expect such overwhelming response.

    NIGHT86MARE, great info at your link. very helpful.

    had a digital compact for some time.
    years ago, owned an SLR. so i know the pics which can come out of it. but hadn't been playing with one for a few years. no time and no money. come to think of it, now also no difference.
    have a trip coming up in june and there'll be alot of opportunities for stunning scenic shots.

    so, what do u think? g11 will do the job? Nikkonnew said 'only if you are good'. wow, i wonder how good that is.

    any comparable prosumer?
    Dont get me wrong, I am just referring to the common comment of some people that live in the camp of "man behind the camera" theory. I used to see comments that "equipment does not matter, if you are good, a pns can give you stunning images too, if you dont believe, look at such a such a link,......" and almost inevitably, the link will point you to some stunning photos taken by a journalist or reknown photographer.I do agree with them to a certain extent, but this shouldnt be the stumbling block to a DSLR purchase.

    but back to your thread, I think it really depends on how bad you want your photos to be "good". Again, you have to define "good" yourself.

    I have 2 cams myself, one pns and a DSLR.

    I find that end of the day, the weight and bulk of the cam will come into play as to which cam you want to bring out. I have a baby girl and sometimes it's difficult to carry her while trying to protect my DSLR. so for most trips to the malls and parks and family dinner, i bring my pns with me. But on special trips to the zoo or botanical garden, i will bring my DSLR.

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    Default Re: canon G11 or SLR1000D?

    if u dun mind the difference in size. u have no reasons not to take 1000D. the price is even cheaper than g11 if u get from MS color. And the pictures from 1000d will not disappoint u.

    what s more u get to try different lenses and get them ofcos.. u will be impressed. but is a long and expensive investment in the long run.
    I love Tamron.

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