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Thread: Portrait of a Boy

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    I like the processed BW picture. The only comment would be to recover some of the highlights on the overexposed right side of photo. Shadows - personally, I prefer the unidirectional lighting here. Adds to the mood.

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    thanks all. i will see if i can improve it slightly with post process. not hoping to achieve studio level lighting in this particular case, but these are good learnings for future attempts. i like to focus on available light kids portraits.

    thanks again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by pinholecam View Post
    Nice capture. Generally nothing wrong with it.

    MHO :

    1. Right side is a bit blown. I think it might be the increase in highlight and contrast when pp in b/w that caused this as the colored version does not have as much of a problem. No big deal for me actually. Perhaps you can dodge the burn the areas you want instead.

    2. Too much of face in shadow, resulting in a more 'moody' look. This is a smiling kid shot after all. Light coming in at 45deg to the face might be better. Else use a fill flash (which can be bounced from the wall behind or to the left) or a reflector on the left.
    I agree, a tighter image would composite better as well.

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