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    Hi guys,

    Just would like to ask, whether u guys know the right resolution for printing my pictures at photo lab that uses the automatic printing machine. The last time i did the machine cropped my borders that i edited on photoshop. My photo size 1024 x 768pixels

    So is there any way that i can do(eg. change my photo size) or any shop that i can go to print my photos without cropping any part of my photos? Do help me out thanks.

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    1. Understand the measurement of a printed picture. A standard 4R is 4" x 6"
    2. Apply very basic math. 4x6 is a 2:3 ratio.
    3. Now apply the same math to your pictures, and you get a 4:3 (or 3:4) ratio.
    4. Now, follow the train of logic one step further, and you'll realize some simple cropping would solve your problem. Hint: Photoshop has these crop ratios built-in.

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    Ah ha..... now it makes sense... thanks bro...


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