Recently I just up(or down?)graded from a Sony A200 to a Konica Minolta 7D and after which I realised the photos that I taken are missing some EXIF info like type of lens.

Previously when using the A200, I can see from Adobe Lightroom what lenses I was using but now I'm using KM 7D, this info is missing.

I understand that this is likely due to KM 7D being an old DSLR, but I am really hoping to get the info in so it'll make my organising in Lightroom better for future searches.

I did some googling and I see that Lightroom 2 doesn't allow EXIF editing.

What programs are there (free?) can I use to add in such data and other missing EXIF data? I shoot in RAW (MRW, minolta RAW) most of the time btw.

Should I post this in the Sony/KM forum instead (although i feel this question is rather generic)?