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Thread: Resize in photoshop

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    Default Resize in photoshop

    Is there anyway to resize all my photoshots at 1 go ?

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    Create an action for the resize.
    Run the action on all your images using File, Automate, Batch.

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    How/where to create an action for the resize ?

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    When in PS, open your image file. Click on window->actions
    Under the actions tab, there are a few small icons at the bottom.
    Click on "Create a new action", which is left of the dustbin icon. It'll start recording whatever u do. Essentially u should just resize the image, den save it somewhere. Den click on the stop button under the actions tab to stop recording. After that, u can do batch processing for all ur pics under File->Automate->Batch. Choose the source folder and the folder to save to, and of coz the action u have just saved and ur done =) Not sure if the action will work for both portraits and landscape pics though.
    Hope this helps


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