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Thread: [Free Short Film Screening]: First Take - March 2010

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    It's Free!

    The Substation Moving Images presents
    1 March 2010
    The Substation Theatre

    First Take, happening every 1st Monday of the month at The Substation, is a popular screening of new local short films and is followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers. A platform for new filmmakers and anyone who is interested in filmmaking to meet, exchange ideas and show their work. See the future talents of Singapore film!


    A photo-audio documentary about a 70-year-old barber who reclaims space on the streets to continue his trade amidst the forces of the Singapore economy that have pushed him out of regular shop spaces. This video is part of a larger multimedia journalism package, Reclaim Land: The fight for space in Singapore, at

    Director's Bio:
    Sam Kang Li was the photographer for Barber In The Alley, one of the many stories in Reclaim Land: The fight for space in Singapore. With a group of three other journalism students from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information, Kang Li hopes to tell stories to people through new multimedia. Kang Li had previously interned for half a year in Nepal at The Nepali Times, where he covered the rise of the Maoist government to power in the country’s elections that saw it move from a monarchy to a republic.


    A nostalgic foray into Singapore’s cinematic past.

    3. RUST/ PARISSA TOSIF/ 4 MIN/ 2009/ PG

    How do you measure pain? Why can his be greater than yours? We all face it, can it be in numbers?

    Director's Statement:
    Shot, edited and produced over an intensive 24 hours, Rust explores an interpretation of the theme 'Pain' given by the Fly By Night 2009 organizers.

    4. LINGER/ SIM BEELI/ 15 MIN/ 2009/ PG

    Based on true events, Linger touches on the theme of loss, grief and self-salvation. It depicts the process of grieving that a daughter and her father have to go through in the shadows of a sudden loss. As both characters grieve in their own ways, they are forced to face the past, their regrets and eventually, each other.

    Director's Bio:
    Beeli is a freelance editor and filmmaker. Her films have won the Singapore 4As Students Creative Awards Gold Prize, Best of Show for the Southwest District, Best Technical Award at 2005 Canon Digital Video Festival. She also directed 2 other shorts, Twenty Four Seven (2004) and Meeting Zoe (2005). Beeli recently graduated from RMIT University with a Master of Creative Media in Film and Television Production.

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    5. HOW DID I DIE? / RYAN BOEY/ 4 MIN/ 2009/ TBA

    How would someone react to his own death when he realizes it was due to a stupid reason? What would a dead man be thinking of, in his final hours of brain activity after his heart stops? How did I Die? is one of the ten winning films in the Fly By Night Video Challenge. It was scripted, directed, filmed and edited in 41 hours, as part of a challenge requirement, with ‘pain’ as the given theme. Ryan, along with his teammates, Leong Wene, Joseph Chua, Ye Ling Qing, represent Republic Polytechnic, from the Interactive Digital Media faculty.

    Director's Bio:
    An aspiring Actor cum Director, Ryan Boey graduated from Republic Polytechnic with a diploma in Interactive Digital Media (DIDM). To date, he has directed, edited and performed in four films, three of which has been showcased in Republic Polytechnic’s Open House. His films include Chasing Lights, The Saturdays, How Did I Die? and The Interview, which won the inter-DIDM video challenge. In his free time, he works as a freelance events photographer. His short films can be found on youtube.

    6. STRUGGLE/ GUO WENXU/ 3 MIN/ 2009/ PG

    An undercover cop and his inner struggle with his identity crisis, explored through a series of montages.

    Director's Bio:
    Guo Wenxu is currently studying at Nanyang Technological University's Wee Kim Wee School of Communication and Information. Struggle has taken part in 2009's edition of Objectifs' Fly By Night competition.


    Happy Place is a dark whimsical tale about hope, love, loss and acceptance. It is a story of a brother, Daniel, trying to save his dying sister, (Victoria) from the “evil”. Using drawings and imagination, Daniel takes her away from the “bad house” and into… the happy place.

    Director's Bio:
    Jeevan studied filmmaking in Singapore and later furthered his education at the prestigious New York Film Academy in California. He has been working in Singapore since 2003 on various projects for television, corporate organizations and short films. In 2005, he started Monochromatic Pictures to embark on creative projects he could call his own. Happy Place is his first official short film.


    SUBMISSIONS ARE WELCOME ALL YEAR ROUND! For more information or to
    screen your work at First Take, please visit our website at or contact the Programme Manager of Moving Images
    at 6337 7535 /

    First Take is presented as part of The Substation Moving Images
    programme and supported by the Singapore Film Commission and has Kodak as our Main Sponsor in 2009!

    Facebook link -


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