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    I'm looking for a new TV but mainly be watching TV programmes without cable box. But I understand that the image quality would not be that great for LCD, LED or Plasma TV if compared to conventional CRT TV.

    Any good recomendations/advise on the best choice/model for me to get LCD, LED or Plasma? Looking at 42" HDTV.

    Too many choices and model in the market and very confusing too.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: advise needed for TV

    if you are not getting a HD box then no point getting a HD TV
    once you bring the TV home you will have nothing to compare it with and the image quality will make little difference

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    Don't get one! You'll find you have more time without one

    And if you need to watch something - there's loads on YouTube and other net channels
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    Generally speaking, L.E.D. is the latest technology with the best pictures but comes with a premium price.
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