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Thread: Nikon Capture and PS Colour issue

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    Default Nikon Capture and PS Colour issue

    i have my monitor calibrated using a Spyder, and both PS and NC are configured to use that as the monitor profile. however, when I open the same file in PS and NC, the colours are different. NC colours are far more pleasing, but the PS colours have a strong red cast.

    Capture 1 also exhibits the same colour cast as PS.

    Any ideas why?

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    forgot to mention that colour space in all three apps are AdobeRGB

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    Not sure if this might be the case. But I would like to point to this website, note especially the last 2nd paragraph. It says, " ...there is one area where (Abobe) Camera Raw gives ground to many manufacturer's own Raw processing software (in your case, Nikon Capture). Most digital camera manufacturers test and calibrate each camera that comes off the assembly line. Individual variations are then profiled, and this information is then burned into a ROM in the camera. This data is appended as Metadata to the Raw file and used by the manufacturer's Raw conversion software to custom "tweak" Raw image processing." Therefore this can be understandable why Adobe Camera RAW and C1 isn't giving results similar to NC.

    And this is from the next paragraph, "Unfortunately, with only a handful of exceptions, this information is not provided to third parties, and thus programs like Camera Raw have to do without. So why use Camera Raw then in preference to a manufacturer's own Raw conversion software? Simple. Workflow. Most camera makers haven't a clue about how to write decent software, and so while they may have an slight edge when it comes to some aspects of image processing because of the proprietary information imbedded in the Metadata, CR is simply a far superior program to use from a productivity point of view."
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