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Thread: Nikon AF-area setting

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    Hello, what's the difference between "Dynamic area" and "3D-tracking (11 points)"? I understand that dynamic area is for moving subjects and that "camera will focus based on information from surrounding focus points if subject briefly leaves selected point".

    However isn't 3D-tracking sort of similar? "If subject moves after camera has focused, camera uses 3Dtracking to select new focus point and keep focus locked on original subject while shutter-release button is pressed halfway."

    So anybody can clarify?
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    Default Re: Nikon AF-area setting

    I was having the same doubt also as I newbie and using a D5000. I think Dynamic is the camera take the surrounding focus points as well as the main subject. So even if the main subject move away, there are still the surrounding subjects acting as focus points. For 3D is the focus point will move and track the new position of the original subject.

    Anyone can enlighten us please?

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    Default Re: Nikon AF-area setting

    Please move your thread to the equipment section for Nikon and I'm sure you'll get more answers and tips there. Upper right hand - Thread Tools.

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    Dynamic Area - when you focus on an object, if the object shifts or moves then it will automatically select another point.(Quite no use)

    3D Tracking - When you focus on an object, and the object moves your focus will continue and track on it.


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