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    Yes I know its a bit wierd, but any Singaporean shooters in Shanghai? Looking for scenic spots to go shoot...

    Otherwise maybe those that have gone to Shanghai to shoot can advise me where to go... I'm new to the place and I'll be attached here till August.

    Thanks all.

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    For scenic you probably have to travel out a bit to places like Zhou Zhuang, XiTang Ancient City (in Zhejiang), or Hangzhou. If you are keen enough for a bit of adventure, try climbing Huangshan in (Anhui province, just a 45mins flight from Shanghai). I am sure you will like the experience. There is also the thousand island lake but it is a bit of a manmake environment.

    Within Shanghai it is more metropolitan so you will end up shooting more urband landscapes and street photography. Some popular places would be: XinTianDi, TaiKang Lu, The Bund, Yuyuan and Lao Shanghai, and of course visit the Expo 2010 for some of the overcroweded effects :-)

    There plenty more to shoot in Shanghai so arm yourself with a camera all the time so that you can capture any moment that catches your attention.

    Of course when u get bored abotu Shanghai (which I doubt you will), you can buy a domestic ticket and travel to different parts of China like Beijing, Chengdu, Nanjing, Kunming, Lijiang, and many more. Short trips over the weekend might be a bit ex but if you do a bit of homework before hand, you can actually enjoy pockets of destination at each time ( is a good source for tickets and accommodations). I used to do that at least twice a month whenever I am in Shanghai for longer periods.

    Enjoy your stay there

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    Default Re: Shanghai

    I am here till March 14th. Will be in and out of Beijing. There is a Shanghai Flickr Group and they are meeting on Wednesday. 17-02-2010. Do a flickr search for them?
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    Default Re: Shanghai

    This section is for those who are organizing outings and gatherings

    So if you are orgianizing an outing for CS members to Shanghai, state the details please

    Otherwise if its a thread asking for information on where to shoot in Shanghai , please move the thread to Travel section.

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