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Thread: LX3 card reader bust!

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    my card chamber decide to go bust on my LX3! now it cannot lock the SD card into the camera (keeps ejecting out instead of locking it down) anyone had this problem before? can it be repaired? how long it takes??....

    have always eject in-out card reader to transfer file....sigh! i hope the service center opens tomorrow!
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    gosh. how can that even happen...

    i also take out card to transfer files. maybe i should consider using the cable next time instead

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    I was just having a thot last nite as I took the card out frm the camera "hmmm maybe I shud start using the cable...what if...???..naaah" and tonite that 'if' happened.

    don't know man..just the usual removal n inserting back. just called the service's closed for the holidays. sigh! guess it will be in sat then...busy week!

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    phew! got my LX3 back after sending it yesterday! while walking out frm the service center I actually saw a small edge of my SD card cracked n broke. and true enough I got a 'lashing' frm service tech. 'please don't use ur sd card already. I found a piece stuck inside. next time same thing happen you have to pay 130 bux!'

    hheheheh. damn! take good care of ur SD cards shutters!

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    Be careful when you handle the SD card. One of the plastic ribs of my card broke and got stuck at the slot. I cut off the rib and now use wire for direct transfer.


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