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Thread: Perspective Problem? or what?

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    Default Perspective Problem? or what?

    Hello professionals

    I am a manufacturer of ice cream machines, i hired a photographer who has shot my 8 different type of machines...i am not getting the pictures these metallic bodies in shape of 3 dimensional squares and rectangles...are not coming really seems that some kind of ballooning/distortion/skewness has come...

    i discovered it when i open the tif file in photoshop and place guides along the machine lines... i see that the machines are compressed from below...and not coming has square/rectangle...

    The photographer says that this must be corrected in photoshop as it is BOUND to happen..whereas i know that we see a lot of TV/Refrigerator car advertisements.. and these products are as perfect as thier real dimensions ...

    where is the problem??
    is the photographer not having the proper lenses?
    or do all the products need to be corrected dimensionally in photoshop?


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    Compressed from below you mean wider at the bottom than the top? How tall are the machines, what lens is he using, how far back is he standing when taking the pics? Is he tilting his camera to shoot? If he has to tilt it to get the shot, then you will get converging verticles in your image.

    He needs a PC (Perspective Correcting) lens or stand back much further and shoot with a zoom lens (so no need to tilt the camera).

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    What you are describing is an effect known as "keystoning".This occurs when the lens/focal plane is not levelled with the subject and manifests itself in the form of converging vertical lines.

    This can be corrected in photoshop, but can be avoided in the first place if the photographer has access to a PC(perspective control) or TS(Tilt/shift) lens. Using a large format camera with bellows is another alternative.

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    meaning to say, he does not have a really valid excuse. But it depend on how you communicated your expectation to him in the first place.

    Unless he already have T/S lenses... I do not think he is going to procure them just to shot this job.

    But you can choose not to accept the picture and see what he can produce after he tweak it in photoshop.


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