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Thread: Can't turn on DSLR!

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    Default Can't turn on DSLR!

    Service centre will be closed during public holidays so I'm still figuring out what happened to my camera. Tried different batteries still can't work. It was perfectly fine the day before. Was kept in dry cabinet afterwards. Anybody?

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    Default Re: Can't turn on DSLR!

    Remove / change lens, see what happens. If not ... you'll need to wait. Not a good start into the New Year - but things can only get better

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    Sigh. Still can't. Was planning to use it during CNY.

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    Any problem with the battery cover? Mine was unable to switch on today and i found out that my battery cover was not closed properly. Lucky I just need to push it in.
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    i am also having the same problem.. the camera can focus, but cannot take shots.. sianz..

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    Hi, It is not a serious problem, only it requires some tweeking and self examination. Anyway, it may be solved by telephone advice from the service centre before calling on them.

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    Maybe batteries voltage is too low; check voltage with multi-meter.

    Also make sure polarity is correct; batteries may be incorrectly inserted if they are the AA type.


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