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Thread: Shutter stuck with my old Nikkormat EL

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    Question Shutter stuck with my old Nikkormat EL


    I have an old Nikkomat EL which I recently picked up. It does have an unusual problem occasionally. About 70% of the time, after I cranked the film advance, I depress the shutter and nothing happens. Instead, I have to squeeze the Depth-of-Field preview button (sometimes quite tightly) and then it snaps (without pressing the shutter). This happens more so with film inside and in 'A' mode.

    If anybody knows wat might be wrong, your help will be much appreciated

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    Mine too. I think it has something to do with the humidity and lack of action (long time not used) when the parts get stucked just like any other mechanical equipment.

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    It could be something as minor as dried lubricant, or it could be more serious. Take the cameras to a reputable repair centre and have them take a look at it.
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    Can anybody recommend a good camera repair shop that specialises in the old nikon cameras?


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