Hi Chua Beng,

Thanks for your PM. Glad to have such friendly people here at CS. I also got to know another CSer who happens to own CZ CY lenses from 15mm to 800mm, everyone of them. I have been invited to learn from his experiences on CZs and will most likely visit him soon. So kind of him.

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your advice on Zeiss lenses the other time.

I'll vote for Yashica FX2000Super. Cheap. Totally Mechanical and least worries on servicing and maintenance. No battery can still operate. Viewfinder is bright and big. As a backup, this is the wisest choice. You wouldn't want a backup body with electronic problems which often comes if camera is left unused for a long time.

Next cheap and good, if you really must have Contax: 167MT.

I have both. I think like you. I use the Zeiss lenses on both EOS and Film bodies.

I also agree with you the MFT has a long long way to match FF. Anyway this two comparisons is pretty pointless. It's like comparing a motorbike with a car.

(BTW, I have since solved my earlier manual focusing issues with the 5D.) Thanks so much!