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    Quote Originally Posted by lamberry View Post
    likewise, apart from providing some degree of protection, i understand that it degrades image quality, particularly if you use a cheaper (i.e. fewer coatings) one
    yes, it does. not visible either.

    the protection is also questionable, but whatever floats your boat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soundaholic View Post
    I use a UV filter because I find it much easier to wipe off the dust from the filter than the lens. Perhaps the filter surface is smoother because it doesn't have any coatings and stuffs, And I'm worried wiping dust from the lens optics will damage the glass xD, better to damage the filter rather than the lens haha. For IQ, I'm just a casual photog so I don't really need extremely sharp photos anyway
    Filters and lenses are equally coated the same reasons: preventing flare and reflections. The coating is sturdy, it needs more than just a wipe with the t-shirt to do some damage to it. And if you bet that filter surfaces are smoother and easier to clean then try any Hoya filter from an older series. Wiping should always be the last resort, for loose particles use a blower. In general: dust on front element / filter will not affect your images unless it's forming a layer. Nothing to be 'anal' about.

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