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    hey guys wanna get some advice from u guys about hackintosh computer hardware.. is this suitable to make ?

    . intel core 2 duo e7600 3.06 GHz
    . samsung spinpoint t series t166 500GB
    . samsung 2x super multi (int/box) sata DVD+RW/Ram writer
    . palit Geforce 9500GT 256mb
    . kingston hyper-X ddr2 dual channel 4gb kit

    is this onli requirements to make a mac copy? please give some feedback if missing anithing out thnx!

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    no hardware is guaranteed for hackintosh. it's a try ur luck kind of thing.

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    9500gt should be working. dunno about dvd.
    what MB is urs?

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    Yo dude, the guy is asking what motherboard you plan on using? If you don't get the compatible one, might as well install Windows 7 on your machine.


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