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Thread: Anyone here bold enuff to do this: Quit job to do something u enjoy?

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    Quote Originally Posted by berryhappy
    Gosh... amazing stats ... Japan: not too surprising cos' of societal pressure... Wow... US higher than us? And look at the South American countries: lower than us! They know how to take it easy than most other nations?

    How did we stray to this topic anyway?? Not very positive huh?
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    Quote Originally Posted by berryhappy
    OT, but thanks!

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    It's really good to hear from many different perspective here. Digging out this old thread as I've something to share.

    Here's a good read: Maslow's Theory of Self-Actualization

    It's a long read but worth your time. It's a "theory" nonetheless but it's pretty insightful. I'm not an advocate of the theory nor do I profess to be an expert in this.

    Most of us don't have our deficit needs met that's why we become despondent, not motivated to fulfill our potential. Applying this to a country like Singapore, one of our biggest concern in such an unforgiving economy is job security so that one would be able to pay off their truckloads of monthly instalments and still have enough to sustain their basic needs. Whether if their job is their interest or not, as long as it give them security in such needs, they won't be moved. It's all about having "job security" so that you can have "social security".

    Do you think that the most important things in life are not things? Really?

    I'm sure all of us do.

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    I am quitting my job this coming week, and taking 1 year off without income to pursue my dream in mountaineering.

    Will be climbing for 7 months over the next 1 year. This is extra stressing for my family, gf, as well as on my own pocket, but I feel the sacrifice is worth it.

    Chances like this don't come by everyday....

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    Good for you Stefen, and all the best!

    And take photos for us to see, if possible...
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    Thank you!

    you can see some of the shots at

    the nice ones are taken by me...the not-so-nice ones eh....

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    Ya. I want to be a farmer.

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    Good luck Stefen! Post your travel photos when you're back!

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